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Theory of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Dimensions

Ok. So far in this series, we’ve learned that there are 4 different dimensions, each one focusing on different types of Special Summoning methods in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game: Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Standard, which I’m just going to call it Pendulum. Throughout the series, each dimension seems to have little nods with Yu-Gi-Oh series of the past. For example, in the Xyz Dimension, Yuto and Shun Kurosaki live in the city of Heartland, which was the setting for Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. In recent episodes, we see the Fusion Dimension and it’s mysterious training school called Academia. Academia seems to be a militaristic version of the Dueling Academy that was in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Plus, we learn that there is an elite force of Duelist known as the Obelisk Force, which is a nod to different dorms of GX Dueling Academy: Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue.

Is this writers’ creative writing to please some of Yu-Gi-Oh’s older fan base? Or is there some more going on then we realize? At this point, it could go either way. But if it were latter, how would writers connect all these different Yu-Gi-Oh series together, especially with Zexal having no connection to 5Ds, GX, or the original series. Well, I think I’ve come up with a possible solution. This solution involves Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time, season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds and some Dragon Ball Z logic.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time movie, a villain named Paradox travels back through time to collect the most power Dragon monsters in the Duel Monster card game in order destroy Duel Monsters for good by killing its creator, Maximillion Pegasus. Yusei Fudo, our hero for 5Ds, travels through time order to stop him. Along the way, he meets up with Jaden Yuki and Yugi Muto, our heroes from the original series and GX. They team up with Yusei and manage to stop Paradox and save the world.

So, how does this movie relate to Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V? Here is where some DBZ logic comes in. In Dragon Ball Z, Future Trunks travels back in time to prevent a duo of Androids from bring about the end of the world. The time machine that Future Trunks uses creates a new timeline that branches off from its original one at the moment in time where the machine arrives. This would make any changes done in the past reflect in a new timeline. So, let’s try to put this logic into the movie and, while I’m at it, to the 5Ds series.

In 5Ds, a member of a group called Yliaster approached Roman Goodwin and encouraged him to continue Ener-D project, despite possible dangers it could bring. I believe that this was a first attempt to change a disastrous future that the founders of Yliaster suffered due to Synchro summoning. However, things didn’t go as a planned and started events that made up season 1 of 5Ds. So, more time traveling was done at the hands of Aporia, who became three separate beings known as the Three Emperors of Yliaster. This created another time, whose fate is unknown, because in the middle of season two, Paradox showed up.

Paradox made three different jumps in time, which would create 3 new timelines. The first time was to steal Yusei’s Stardust Dragon. The second time was to steal Rainbow Dragon and Cyber End Dragon. The third and final time was to get his hands on Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes B. Dragon and kill Pegasus. Thanks to a little supernatural ability through the Crimson Dragon, Yusei, Jaden and Yugi arrive just as Paradox tries to kill Pegasus. Also, during this duel, Yusei introduces Synchro Summoning to Yugi and Jaden, who probably spread the word about this unique summoning and got the ball rolling on it. These events possible led to the creation of Fusion Dimension, Synchro Dimension, and our new Standard Dimension.

So, what about the Xyz Dimension? I got an answer for that too. In the final episodes of 5Ds, Z-One, the creator of Yliaster, travels back in time in order to destroy Neo Domino City with the Divine Temple. This time jump leads to the creation of the Xyz Dimension and the Standard Dimension in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.

“How?” you might ask. It all has to do with different responses to prevent the future that Z-One, Aporia, Paradox, and Bruno suffered. The Fusion Dimension that was created by Paradox’s jump to Jaden’s time would have responded to this threat by outlawing Synchro Summoning and making Fusion Summoning the primary Special Summoning Method. The Xyz Dimension would be the same way; only the Xyz would be created as substitute for Synchro Summoning. As for the Synchro Dimension, I’m sure that world went through the same countermeasures that Yusei set up at the end of 5Ds to prevent that future from happening.

As for the current Standard Dimension, they kept Synchro Summoning Fusion Summoning. Meanwhile, a bunch of people created Xyz Summoning in order to get people to turn away from Synchros, but it didn’t work out. People started to incorporate Xyzs with Synchros and Fusions, much like how many Yu-Gi-Oh players do in the real world.

Now, I could be wrong about this whole thing and the ARC-V writers are trying to connect with older fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Only time will tell. Tell me what you think about this theory of mine. What theories do you have? Let me know in the comments below.
Accepting Requests: CLOSED!!!

Some DA have been asking me about status of their art request they made to me. So, I decided to create a status list for those request. I will update the list with each request or requests that I get done. Most of the time, I work and upload requests on the weekends. You are free to change your request as long as I haven't started work on it.

Please don't hound me about how your request is going. That bugs the hell out of me. 

:iconpinkiepielover63: Will be working on Photoshop soon.
:iconredwolf246: Drawing
:iconsaintrowfan2: Not Started
:iconpowerkidzforever: Not Started
:iconsafaristeve29: Working on Photoshop.
:iconnovaheroi: Working on Photoshop.
:icondjjacob1954: Not Started.
:iconsaintrowfan2: Not Started
:iconsonicgenesis776: Working on Photoshop
:icongaogolgar: Drawing
:iconkneestocking96: & :icondummyserver1: Drawing
:icondoinkmasterclown1: Drawing
:iconsonicgenesis776: Not Started
:iconbeybladegirl1234: Not Started
:icontriodon: Not Started.
:iconm-102: Not Started
:iconmaltian: Not Started

Current Number of requests: 18
Current Number of trades: 0

Limit Number of Requests: 30

2 Request per person. If you already asked for 2 request, then I won't accept any until I at least have 1 of them done. If my Accepting Request says closed and you still would like a request. Let me know and I'll write your request down to add later when I'm free. If you ask for big belly pregnancies, expect them to be either black and white or done on photoshop. I will be including links of the outlines of all the artwork that I will do.

The following rules on what I will and will not draw.
No man-eating zombies or anything gory.
I don't do pregnant women on toilets any more.
If you are going to asked for any male inflations, you must also include a female inflations.
I won't do any comics that's over 2 pages.
The character limit per drawing is 4.
If you're asking of a toilet drawing, I only do female characters.
I'm not good with drawing fighting sequences, so I try to avoid requests that have those, especially if they involve pregnant women.
I don't draw inflation burst drawings or vores.
No Mpregs
I don't draw anything related to My Little Pony
No pregnant children!!!
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[Request] 50 Foot Full-Body Pregnant Woman by JAM4077
[Request] 50 Foot Full-Body Pregnant Woman
Presenting another Art Request. Today's request was made by :iconantoniorenteria:, who wanted a full body pregnancy drawing of Nancy Archer from the movie, 50 Foot Woman. Please enjoy.

(Nancy Archer belongs to 50 Foot Woman.)

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Hey JAM4077 i have got a couple of pregnant group portrait drawing requests:
Pregnant group portrait drawing request one:
Momoko Kusnagi from Ghost In The Shell:Stand Alone Complex in her first season outfit, Sailor Moon in her first season sailor scout suit, Lili from Tekken 6 in her default player one outfit, Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop in her regular outfit, and Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon in her regular outfit…

Pregnant group portrait drawing request two:
WWE Divas pregnant group portrait drawing with Paige, A.J. Lee, The Bella Twins, and Lana wearing their ring attire.

Pregnant group portrait drawing request three:
Black Lagoon pregnant group portrait drawing with Revy, Balalaika, Roberta wearing her maid oufit, Eda. and Shenhua.

can you also do some in labor drawings of Momoko Kusnagi, Sailor Moon, Lili from Tekken 6, Faye Valentine, and Queen Beryl wearing the same oufits that they are wearing in pregnant group portrait drawing request one.
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