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Due to a complaint from one of my watchers and wanting to avoid trouble with DA, I've moved most of the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I've made to the Scrap section and will be post any new Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, excluding cards I make with my own artwork or artwork I got permission to use, to the Scrap section. For those who watch me for my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, you will have to click on the scrap icon on the Watch button, if that makes sense.
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Accepting Requests: CLOSED!!!

Some DA have been asking me about status of their art request they made to me. So, I decided to create a status list for those request. I will update the list with each request or requests that I get done. Most of the time, I work and upload requests on the weekends. You are free to change your request as long as I haven't started work on it.

Please don't hound me about how your request is going. That bugs the hell out of me. 

:iconpinkiepielover63: Re-Drawing
:icontoonrick2012: Request 2: Working on Photoshop
:iconredwolf246: Drawing
:iconsaintrowfan2: Not Started
:icondimensional-expander: Working on Photoshop.
:iconpowerkidzforever: Not Started
:iconsafaristeve29: Working on Photoshop.
:iconnovaheroi: Working on Photoshop.
:icondjjacob1954: Not Started.
:iconantoniorenteria: Working on Photoshop.
:iconsaintrowfan2: Not Started
:iconjosiah-shockency-jcs: Drawing
:icongraphadragonlord: Drawing
:iconsonicgenesis776: Working on Photoshop
:iconleothechimera2056: Not Started
:icongameupower: Not Started
:icongaogolgar: Drawing
:iconrikuthedragonslayer: Not Started
:iconkneestocking96: & :icondummyserver1: Drawing
:iconbustedjukebox: Upload later tonight
:iconquack14: Drawing
:icondoinkmasterclown1: Drawing
:iconsonicgenesis776: Not Started
:icongamerjohn022691: Not Started
:iconthemastermushroom: Not Started
:iconmremerik2000: Not Started
:iconkoopachrist: Not Started
:iconbeybladegirl1234: Not Started
:iconruben265: Not Started
:iconsonofss2: Art Trade: Working on Photoshop

Current Number of requests: 30
Current Number of trades: 1

Limit Number of Requests: 30

2 Request per person. If you already asked for 2 request, then I won't accept any until I at least have 1 of them done. If my Accepting Request says closed and you still would like a request. Let me know and I'll write your request down to add later when I'm free. If you ask for big belly pregnancies, expect them to be either black and white or done on photoshop. I will be including links of the outlines of all the artwork that I will do.

The following rules on what I will and will not draw.
No man-eating zombies or anything gory.
I don't do pregnant women on toilets any more.
If you are going to asked for any male inflations, you must also include a female inflations.
I won't do any comics that's over 2 pages.
The character limit per drawing is 4.
If you're asking of a toilet drawing, I only do female characters.
I'm not good with drawing fighting sequences, so I try to avoid requests that have those, especially if they involve pregnant women.
I don't draw inflation burst drawings or vores.
No Mpregs
I don't draw anything related to My Little Pony
No pregnant children!!!
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[Request] Poke-Day Off Ruined by Labor! by JAM4077
[Request] Poke-Day Off Ruined by Labor!
Presenting another Art Request. Tonight's request was made by :iconbustedjukebox:, who wanted a pregnancy/labor drawing of Elesa, Skyla, and Professor Juniper from Pokemon. The premise for this drawing is the Elesa, Skyla, and Professor Juniper, each on pregnant with triplets, are out at the mall, when Skyla and Juniper go into labor. Elesa scolds them for ruining her day as she starts going into labor herself. Please enjoy.

(Elesa, Skyla, and Professor Juniper are from the Pokemon franchise.)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The Artist
By JAM4077

(The following story contains content that are sexual in nature. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.)

Adam drove down to his local Wal-Mart to bag him the latest season of NCIS that had just come out. He didn’t travel to Wal-Mart that frequently due to his work as an artist. He had a young couple in their mid 20s come to his studio, which was also his home, for painting. The couple had the honeymoon afterglow about them, a sight Adam had seen before had.

Adam had never seen this couple before, but they were recommended to him by a client of his that worked that the Wal-Mart. It took several hours of painting, but he got the job done. He told the couple that painted would be dry in a couple of days as he used acrylic paint for the job, which dried quicker and didn’t make much of a mess. The couple told him the hold the painting as they were going to Disney World to spend the remainder of their honeymoon. Adam didn’t mind it, as he had done the same thing for other couples he did art for.

As he set the painting in a place where it could dry, he overheard a conversation the couple had about rides they were going to visit and all the souvenirs they were going to buy. When he heard the souvenir part, Adam thought, you’ll be getting an additional souvenir in your womb by the time the trip is over.

Adam possessed a strange gift that one might see in a fantasy or science fiction short story on the Internet. It seemed that when he draw, painted, or took pictures of a woman that woman would end up pregnant. It all started when he was in high school in his freshmen year. During art class, he was tasked with drawing a portrait of one of his female classmate, who was a cheerleader and total bitch to those around, including Adam. The only nice thing she said to him was a thanks for not drawing her ugly, which he wished he did. A month later, rumor spread that she had gotten pregnant, which was later proven as her stomach got bigger and bigger.
At first, Adam thought it was a coincidence that the cheerleader got pregnant shortly after he finished the drawing. That was until he did a drawing of one of his teachers, who was well into her 40s, but still looked hot. Sure enough, the teacher ended up pregnant. To make sure that wasn’t a fluke, Adam did another drawing, this time on a girl that had tortured him when they were in elementary school. Sure enough, she got pregnant too. For additional measure, he tried this power on his younger stepmother. She ended up pregnant with twins, both girls.

Adam did his best to hide his strange power, avoiding drawing any actual people unless the assignment said otherwise. It continued like that even throughout his days in college. By that time, word began to spread throughout the campus about the connection between the pregnancies on campus and Adam’s artwork. Many of the female students refuse to work with him, at least that ones that didn’t want to end up knocked up.

Soon, he was approached by some of the graduating female members, those who already had jobs in line to do portraits of them. To this day, they still send him pictures of how their lives have been and they all seem very happy. After graduating himself, Adam set up a studio at his condo close to the city of Augusta, taking up a part time photographer job for local newspapers and their websites to help pay the bills, being careful to avoid taking pictures of any women.

He didn’t start doing paintings and draws of married couples until about a year after he graduated. His first couple was the same people who spread the word about his power in college. They apologized for what they did and they offered him a bunch of money for a good portrait. A few months later they sent him a bonus and an ultrasound photo of their first child. They later spread word about their experience and Adam got busy.

Adam worked on couples portraits during the week days, leaving the weekend and holidays off to give him time to rest before having to deal with another week’s worth of couples. This time, he got himself a 3-day weekend off as it was nearing Labor Day, which meant catching up on NCIS episodes he missed and avoiding TLC’s A Baby Story marathons.

After picking up his new set of DVDs, Adam made his way to Wal-Mart’s card ally to see what new Yu-Gi-Oh cards were out on display. On the way, he stopped by the ally that held big bags of candy. His sweet tooth craving chocolate, Adam looked up and down the ally until he found the bag of chocolate covered raisins. He reached for the bag and put it in his Wal-Mart basket when he heard a woman say, “Is that the last bag?”

Adam turned around to find a blonde haired woman about his age, wearing a work maroon uniform from Bo-Jangles, walking towards him. The woman was of average height and weight and C-Cup chest. Her hair was tied back and her round face showed a bit of exhaustion, suggesting that she had just come off from work. Adam’s heart sped fast inside his chest. This woman was cute. No, more like beautiful.

“I’m afraid it is,” Adam admitted.

“Damn it!” She muttered under her breath, but Adam heard her. “I spent a quarter of an hour looking for some chocolate covered raisins.”

“That’s quite a long to be looking for this,” Adam said, pointing at the bag of candy in his basket.

“I can’t help it. Chocolate is my alcohol,” She admitted. “How much do you want for that bag?”

“You want to pay me for raisins?”

“Yes,” she said without any hesitation in her voice.

Before he could answer, Adam heard a familiar voice call out to him. He turned to find a dark skin woman in a Wal-Mart uniform walking towards him. Actually, it was more of a waddle then a walk. The Wal-Mart woman, whose name was Laura, had her hand underneath her large, swollen pregnant belly, giving her some support as she waddled.

“I was hoping I might bump into you before you left,” Laura said once she was enough to Adam and the other woman. “No pun intended.”

“It’s good to see you,” Adam said. “How have you been?”

“Feeling like blimp, but not too bad. I’m going on maternity leave in a couple of days,” Laura said.

“That’s good to hear. A poor girl like you shouldn’t stand all day at the register,” Adam said.

“Well, I just want to thank you for helping me out with this,” Laura said as she patted her pregnant belly.

“Don’t mention it,” Adam said as his brain kept telling him to shut up. Laura giggled and waddled away to get back to work.

“What did she mean by helping her out?” Adam heard the other woman said. She gave in him a look that said that he might be a gigolo or a sperm donor.

“It’s not what you think. I didn’t sleep with her or donate my sperm to her,” Adam said. “She married for Pete’s sake.”

“There are some married women who turn to other men to have children,” the woman said.

“I’m not that kind of person. I’m a one woman kind of guy, despite the fact I have no woman in my life.”

“So, what was all that about?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Adam said, while shaking his head.

“Try me.”

“Not here. How about some place more private where we won’t be overheard?”

“Well, my roommate has her boyfriend over for the night, so my place is out of question.”

“How about mine? It’s not far from here. And I won’t do anything to you if you don’t want me to. I’ll even split the bag of raisins with you.”

“Deal, but first, can we grab a bit to eat. I’m super hungry right now and half a bag of raisins won’t cover it.”

“Sure. Any good places to eat that you know off?”

“I know few. But for some reason, I’m craving fried chicken at this time.”

“I’m game with that. By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”

“My name is Kimberly.”

After eating at the Bo-Jangles that Kimberly worked at and catching a late night movie, Adam and Kimberly made their way to Adam’s condo. Kimberly stood in the spacious area that was both Adam’s living room and work area. The condo was an open floor plan. The living room connected to the kitchen area and the office area, where Adam’s computer sat. On the main floor, there were a couple of doors that led to spare bedrooms that had full bathrooms attached to them.

A metal stair case lead to the upstairs bedrooms, which included the main bedroom, which Adam rarely slept in. Kimberly was in aw. “How could you afford a place like this?” Kimberly asked.

“I make good amount of money selling art, both online and walk-in clients. Plus, I buy and sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards on EBay,” Adam said, pouring himself and his guest a drink of homemade lemonade. “Make your self at home.”

Kimberly set her bag on a stand, which stood next to the sofa that Adam mostly used as his bed. Adam brought their drinks over and sat down on the couch. Kimberly’s eyes turned to the painted that Adam did that day.

“You did this?” Kimberly gasped.

“Every brush stroke of it,” Adam proudly said.

“This is incredible. It’s no wonder you get paid well.”

Adam understood her astonishment towards his work. While stuffing themselves with fried chicken and mash potatoes and gravy, Adam told Kimberly his profession. She didn’t believe for a moment that he was a successful artist. She told him that he didn’t look the type to be an artist. Now, she was a believer.

“So, ready for your half of the chocolate covered raisins?” Adam asked.

Kimberly took her eyes off the painting and turned her focus on Adam. “Look, I’m stuffed to fried chicken, popcorn, sweet tea, and root beer. I don’t think I can fit any raisins in this gut of mine. Well, not at the moment anyway.”

“So, what do we do now? Watch NCIS?” Adam asked having found out that Kimberly was a fan of NCIS as much as he was during dinner.
“Why don’t we just talk about that thing you didn’t want to talk about earlier at Wal-Mart?”

Adam took a big gulp before saying, “Like I said before, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“You need to sit down for this one.”

Once Kimberly sat down on the sofa next to him, Adam laid the whole story down. Even told her about his little revenge on this female tormentor and the twin pregnancy his stepmother went through. Once he finished, there was a long pause between the two. The silence lasted for a moment or two, only to be broken by Kimberly’s laughter.

“You’re telling me that your art makes women pregnant?” Kimberly asked between laughs.

“This is serious,” Adam said.

“I’m sorry. But if I held that in, my teeth would’ve popped out,” Kimberly said, laughing so hard that her sides hurt.

“Laugh all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s all true.”

“Well, I’m not convinced, buster. You made the whole thing up to hid the fact you’re a sperm donor.”

“I did not.”

“Prove it. Draw a picture of me.”

“You did hear all that I just said, right?”

“I heard it. Once you finish your drawing of me, I go into some kind of lust over you and I end up with a bun or two in my oven.” Kimberly patted her belly as she said those words.

“Ok, just checking and giving you every chance to back out.”

“I’m going through with it. And just to make it interesting, I want you to draw me in my birthday suit.”

“You’re that confident that what I told you won’t come true.”

“Oh, yes.”

“All right then. Let’s get this over with.”

Adam brought out his large sketchpad and a bunch of pencils as Kimberly stripped her clothes off in one of his spare bedrooms. Adam gave her his only bathrobe before she went to change out of her clothing. Adam places his artist chair, which was also his office chair in front of the sofa.

Kimberly can out wearing his green bathrobe, which had a few food stains on it from food he ate while Adam was sick last winter. Kimberly walked over to the sofa and took the robe off. Adam had seen a lot of nude women in his time as an artist, none of which got a reaction of attraction. That was until now.

Kimberly had an hourglass shaped body, although her hips seemed slightly wider. She was thin, but not too thin that she looked like a toothpick. Her arms were a shade darker then the rest of her body, due to the clothing she wore. Her blonde hair was now free following, a few strands of her hair laid on top of her c-cup breasts.

“So, what pose do you want me to take?” Kimberly said her voice showed no hint of embarrassment.

“Surprise me,” Adam said.

“Ok.” Kimberly lay down on the sofa and took the same pose that Rose took in James Cameron’s Titanic. “How’s this?”

“Fine with me. Now, try to relax and don’t move.”

Adam took a deep breath and brought his pencil to the paper. A couple of hours went by as Adam went to work drawing Kimberly. Kimberly kept quiet and still throughout most of the drawing possess, only interrupting when she had to go to the bathroom or take a drink. Kimberly noticed that Adam really touched his drink as he drew. To her, he looked like he was pouring his heart and soul into doing this one piece of artwork. For some reason, it turned her on. It was hard to explain why. Sure Adam was quite a looker for someone who painted and drew for a living. He wasn’t the kind of person that Kimberly went for, but some reason, she wanted him. For a brief instant, she thought that Adam’s gift was real, but Adam was far from done.

After a couple more hours, Adam was done, allowing Kimberly to get up from her position. Adam sat down next to Kimberly, keeping the drawing hidden for her.

“Ready?” Adam asked. Kimberly nodded. Adam flipped the drawing over. Kimberly’s mouth dropped. The drawing looked as if Adam had taken a photo of her and messed with it on Photoshop to give it the pencil-drawing look. Looking at this drawing made turned her on even more. She grew very hot and lustful for reason she couldn’t explain.

“Well?” Adam asked. Kimberly took the drawing from him and placed it on the table in front of the sofa. Then, without warning or hesitation, she kissed him on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. Adam was shocked by this sudden kiss action, but he soon lost himself to it. The two kissed for what seemed like hours, even rubbing their tongues inside each other’s mouths.

Their mouths parted, allowing Kimberly to say, “What do you say we go to a more comfortable setting?”

Adam returned to his new house in the country after doing a photo gig at a wedding and its reception. Adam wondered on the drive back just how many of those women he took photos of were going to become mothers thanks to him. But he had to put that out his mind, as there was someone more important that need his attention.

“It’s about time. I was getting worried,” Kimberly said once she saw him at the door. “What took you so long?

“I had to go grocery shopping,” Adam explained. “And with all these bags, I had trouble getting my keys.”

“And you didn’t ask for my help?”

Adam raised an eyebrow and looked down at her belly. Kimberly followed his gaze. Kimberly was now in her eight month of pregnancy with twins. She wore his 1998 Godzilla t-shirt, which covered her belly well, but was bring stretched to its limits. Her breasts had increased by two-cup sizes, each one fill with milk. Her hourglass curves got even curvier since her pregnancy started.

“I’m pregnant. I’m not dying,” Kimberly said. “Even at this stage of the game, I can open a door and carry a few grocery bags.”

Adam gave her a few of lightweight bags, knowing that she wasn’t going to back down from this. After putting the food away and complaining about the air conditioning that hadn’t been fixed yet, Adam and Kimberly sat down on the sofa where it all started in their new living room, drinking a lot of ice water to keep cool. Shorting after finding out about the pregnancy, Adam asked Kimberly to marry him, which she agreed. The two newly-weds move into a house that was big enough for starting family and for a couple of additions. Adam set up his studio again, with Kimberly helping out as a part time secretary when she wasn’t working at Bo-Jangles.

“So, did you get them?” Kimberly asked eagerly. Adam pulled out a couple of bags of chocolate covered raisins, handing one to his wife. Kimberly wasted no time in ripping the bag open and satisfying her pregnancy craving. But thanks to the heat, which was cut down a little by the many fans they had going, the chocolate on the raisins was slowly melting in her hands.

“Any calls while I was away,” Adam asked.

“Yup. You’re going to be busy come Monday,” Kimberly said, in between stuffing her face and licking her fingers. “At least 3 couples want a photo shoot with you and 1 for a painting. One of the couples is a lesbian.”

“Great. I get to knock up 5 women in one day,” Adam said.

“Oh, a former classmate for your college called, the one who makes women’s lingerie. She is setting up her new maternity line. However, the models that she picked for this line aren’t expecting. She was hoping you could fix that.”

“And she couldn’t find any pregnant models?”

“I asked about that. Most of them are now on maternity leave or have another gig to do. She’s willing to pay a big sum of money for the job.”

“Tell her to bring the models in.”

“That’s what I told her you would say.”

“Tell the truth, does it bother you that some many women come up to me to knock them up?”

“Of course not. You’re only drawing, painting, and taking pictures of them. It’s your power that makes them go get themselves pregnant. For me, I get the real deal.” Adam detected a hint of lust in Kimberly’s voice.

“Feeling a little frisky, are we?”

“You would be too if you had enough hormones going through you to light up the city of Chicago,” Kimberly said while rubbing her belly. “Plus, the chocolate doesn’t help either.

Adam lifted her shirt and exposed her bare, swollen tummy before places his hand on it to rub it. Kimberly began to purr like she was a kitten. “Do you have any regrets?”

“About what?”

“Let’s me draw you and getting you pregnant.”

“Nope. You’re the best thing that came into my life. I would never trade anything for it. Not even a factory that makes chocolate covered raisins.”

Adam grinned as he continued to rub her belly. Kimberly continued to purr like a kitten that was having its favorite spot petted.

“So, what’s for dinner tonight?” Kimberly asked after a moment of Adam rubbing her bare belly.

“How does grilled chicken sound to you?” Adam asked.

“Not the right weather for it,” Kimberly groaned. “How does a chef salad sound?”

“Prefect because I would like to do some more rubbing on this belly here.”

“Good. While you’re doing that, I’ll watch the news,” Kimberly said with a smile.

“Did you miss the 12 pm show?”


“Then, why are you watching the news now?”

“Because…5:30 news has more fun and interesting stories.”

Kimberly turned on to channel-7 news as Adam rubbed her belly once more. Then, one story can up that got Adam’s interest and had Kimberly turn up the volume.

“The artist known as Adam did this to us and I’m going to see that he pays for it,” said a woman in her early 40s to the reporter covering the story. The woman was standing next to her teenage daughter of 18. Both women were pregnant and looked as if they going to pop on TV. Adam recognized the two women instantly. The mother had asked him to do senior yearbook photos for her twins, not mentioning the fact that one of the twins was a girl. Adam tried to back out, but the mother was persistent. It got worse when the mother decided to join in one of the photos. Adam was so deep into his thoughts about that photo shot he total missed the wise crack that the news anchors were making, which made Kimberly laugh.

“What did they say?” Adam said.

“They said that now that this story has aired, you’ll be getting calls from couples that are having a hard time having child or really love kids from all over the state,” Kimberly said. “One of them being the person who covered the story.”

“Great. That’s just what we need.”

“Come on, Adam. No one is going to believe.”

“Yeah. Until hundreds of other women who got pregnant because of me connect the dots and file a lawsuit against me.”

“Or ask you do it again.”

“This is serious.”

“I know. But, things will work out. We may lose some business here or there. But there is always going to be some woman who will want a piece of artwork of her done by you. Just don’t go doing high school senior yearbooks photo or wedding receptions.”

“I guess your right about that. And it might be a good idea to cut out the senior photos and wedding receptions. That story didn’t mention you by any chance.”

“Nope. I guess they haven’t put that two and two together,” Kimberly said while lightly patting her belly.

“Well, look out for photographers until this blows over,” Adam advised.

“I’ll be sure to give them a good pose to take pictures of,” Kimberly giggled. “But I’m going to save my best for my private photographer.”

Adam caught the lustful hint in her voice and said, “What about dinner?”

“The salads can wait. I’m in hunger for something else entirely.” As Kimberly said these words, she reached out to Adam like a cat hunting its pray. Her hand touched in the area that was getting tight in his pant shorts. Her face inches away from his.

“All right. But only if I can play with and drink from these,” Adam said, putting his hand on one of her swollen breasts.

A devilish smile appeared across Kimberly’s face and she said, “Deal, tiger.”

The Artist
I wrote this short story a while back when I made my big move down to Georgia and had no internet. This story was inspired by Darien Shields' Biggest Fan story and The Portrait story from Beyond Belief: Fact of Fiction. I hope everyone likes. Please enjoy.


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