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Gargoyles: Angel from Another Time

Year: 998
Location: Scotland

The slivery light of the full moon shined down onto snowy grounds of the Scottish highlands. The branches off the trees were leafless and filled with snow. The weight of the snow causes a few of the branches to fall to the snowy ground. All was peaceful. At least it was a few moments ago.

Near a cave, hidden near the coastline, the snow was covered in the red blood of Humans and the creatures known as Gargoyles. The sound of swords clanging, the splintering of wooden shields, spears, and arrows, and screams of pain filled the wintery night air.

A few Gargoyles, male and female, each one looking different from each other, take to the air to over turn the battle. However, the humans they were fighting against were not the usual mob they were use to fending off. These humans were Hunters, skilled in the so-called art of slaying Gargoyles.

Using crossbows and bows, the Hunter shot down a couple of Gargoyles to their deaths. The odds of the battle were against the Gargoyles, 5 to 1, and increasing with each death of a Gargoyle. An elder male Gargoyle, with lime green skin, graying hair, wings with 3 digits, and 2 large horns on top of his head, makes his way away from the battle escorting another Gargoyle and a Gargoyle Beast.

The second Gargoyle was younger then the other members of the Gargoyle cell. She looked to be the age of 10 years old, when she was actually 20 years old. She had tan skin and long white hair, which she kept in a ponytail. She also had a small crest with points along the top of her head. Her wings had 2 digits at the apex. She wore a simple blue dress.

The Gargoyle beast was female as well. The color of its skin was rose red, while her underbelly was a lighter shade. The beast had 4 horns growing out of its head. The beast was as tall as Great Dane with muscle structure of Husky.

The 2 Gargoyles and the Gargoyle beast run towards the cliff. The 2 Gargoyles run on all fours for greater momentum and increasing the distance between them and the Hunters. The Gargoyles stop when they reached the cliff. The young Gargoyle looks over the cliff and turns her head to look back at the direction they came from.

"We're trapped," the young female Gargoyle said, with a Scottish accent.
The Gargoyles beast turns around and growls at the direction they came from, her once white eyes glowed red. The elder Gargoyle pats the beast on the head and says, "Easy, girl. This isn't your fight anymore."

The elder Gargoyle kneels down to meet the beast's eyes. "You have to protect this little one with your very life. You hear me?"

The Gargoyle beast made squeaking sound. The elder Gargoyle pats the beast's head once more. "It's going to be all right."

The elder Gargoyle turns towards the young female gargoyle and says, "The Hunters will be coming in our direction very soon. I'll try to hold them off until you two get away."

"You'll get killed," the young gargoyle shouted.

"I'm well aware of that, little one," The elder gargoyle said as he places his hands on her shoulders. "But as long as you two make it out of here alive, there is hope for our kind."

"How do you expect us to get out? Where will we go?" the young gargoyle said, holding back the tears in her eyes.

"Find that time travelling gargoyle you told me about. I'm sure you'll be safe with him."

"He could be anywhere at anytime."

"That where this comes in," the elder gargoyle said as he pulls out a flute from the bag on his belt. The end of the flute had the shape of a phoenix head. The young gargoyle's eyes stare at the flute.

"I've already casted the spell needed to make it work," the elder Gargoyle said. "All you need to do is to say the name of person you want to see, blow into it and it will take you there no matter what time or place he or she will currently be. However, this flute can only be used one time. Afterwards, the flute will be destroyed."

The young Gargoyle takes the flute into her hands. The tears she had been holding ran down her tan cheeks. "Will I ever see you again?" the young Gargoyle asked in a broken voice.

"I'm afraid not," the elder Gargoyle said. The faint sound of Hunter's howling and shouting reached the ears the Gargoyles. The elder Gargoyle draws his Scottish sword, his eyes turned into glowing white.

"Go now!" the elder Gargoyle shouted before taking to the air. The young Gargoyle watches her elder companion fly away. The Gargoyle beast growls at the battle ahead, causing the young Gargoyle to grab her.

"No, stay with me," the young Gargoyle shouted. The female Gargoyle beast clammed down. The young Gargoyle kept her eyes away from the battle ahead. She looks at the phoenix head flute in her hand and says in a quiet voice, "Brooklyn."

Just as the elder Gargoyle instructed, she blew the flute. Instead of the sound a normal flute would make, the sound of this flute was the cry of a phoenix. Flames erupted out of the flute, causing the young Gargoyle to drop the flute. The flames took the form of a phoenix and started circling around the young Gargoyle and her beast.

The flames left behind by the flaming phoenix rose above the 2 Gargoyles. The young Gargoyle clings tightly around the beast as it lowers its body to the ground. The flames form a large dome over the Gargoyles, which stayed for a moment or two. Then, the flaming dome was gone, along with the 2 Gargoyles and the flute. The only thing left behind was an ashy ground.

Year: 1998
Location: Manhattan City

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. These days, it has become a city of fear and wonder. Not long ago, New York City and the entire world were reminded that Gargoyles still live to this day. The Gargoyles' exposure has divided the people of New York into 3 groups. One group wishes to co-exist with the Gargoyles with people like the former Scottish king and immortal, Macbeth. The second group wants the Gargoyles arrested, thinking that they are nothing but mindless beasts.

Then, there is the third group, who has taken the name the Quarrymen. Under the leadership of John Castaway, the Quarrymen aim to hunt down and destroy every Gargoyle in the world, whether they are just stone statues or living creatures.

In the middle of all this madness is the NYPD for there are a few in their ranks who have close connection to the Gargoyles. One in particular is NYPD 23rd Precinct Detective Elisa Maza, who has known them over the past 3 years and is dating one of them. Elisa was young woman of the age of 30, with slightly dark skin and dark hair and could pull off Disney Princess look without any trouble during Halloween.

She sat on bed of her apartment, wearing her bathrobe, looking at 2 dresses. The first was a black cocktail dress. The other was red and backless with only one shoulder strap. Elisa looked from one dress to the other, unable to decide what to where for her big Valentine's Day date with Goliath, the leader of the Manhattan Gargoyle Clan.

The two had been planning this for months, right down to the point of asking Pock to change Goliath into a human to avoid any confrontation with the Quarrymen. But right now, Elisa wished she had a magic spell to made her decide which dress to wear. Elisa looked out of her window. The sun was nearing the end of setting. Soon, her friends would wake up from their stone sleep.

"Come on, Elisa," Elisa said to herself. "You need to pick one and fast."

Then, Elisa heard a meow coming from behind her. Elisa turned and sees her black cat, Cagney, sitting on the bed. Elisa giggles, taking the cat into her arms. She scratches the cat's head, causing it to purr with joy.

"Maybe you can help me," Elisa said to her cat. "What do you think? The red one?"

Cagney looks that the red dress.

"Or the black?"

Cagney looks at the black dress and meowed at it. Elisa smiled and said, "Thanks."

It took Elisa almost 30 minutes to get herself ready for her date. As she gathered her long heavy winter coat, she caught a glimpse out the window. It was dark now. By now, all of Elisa's Gargoyle friends, including her date for the night, were awake. Elisa puts on her coat and grabs her purse. Cagney brushes himself against Elisa's leg.

"Look after the apartment while I'm gone," Elisa said as she heads out the door.

Elisa arrived at the Eyrie Building, owned by Billionaire David Xanatos and Xanatos Enterprises. At the top of the building was an old Scottish Castle known as Castle Wyvern, the home to the Gargoyles, Xanatos and his family. Elisa parked her classic red car at the front entrance of the building. She hung a special badge on viewing mirror of her car to prevent her car from being ticketed or tolled.

Elisa walks pass the lobby desk, where the security guard was watching the security cameras. The guard nods at Elisa as she makes her way to the elevators. The guard continues to watch her as she enters one of the elevators. Once inside the elevator, Elisa takes off her winter coat now that there was no chance of her being whistled at or proposed to.

It took Elisa a great deal of time to reach the castle. The bells of the elevator rang up as the elevator stopped at the room, which was once a dining hall for the cast's royal court. Now, it was mostly used for parties and special events. Elisa steps out of the elevator and entered the room with walls and floors made up of stone. Scottish shields, with swords and spears mounted behind them, hung on the wall. There were also tall glass windows that were indented into the wall across from her.

Elise remembered the first night she stepped into this very room almost 4 years ago. It was the very same night that she met Goliath. She had hoped that he would meet her at here, but there was no sign of him anywhere. Then, the sound of footsteps reached Elisa's ears. By the sounds of it, the person was wearing mid heel shoes. Elisa turns her head as a red haired woman enters. The woman's name is Janine Renard Xanatos, also known as Fox.

Fox was a woman in her early 30s with athletic body. She also had a blue fox head tattoo over her right eye. Fox was also dressed for a romantic evening. She was wearing dark purple dress with sleeves that end at the knuckle of the thumb. She had her hair in a ponytail that was tied with 2 hair bands in different locations.

"I knew you would pick the black one," Fox said with an amusing smile on her face.

"Actually, my cat picked it out," Elisa said. This statement caused Fox to raise an eyebrow.

"I don't know if I should be sad for you or give that cat a medal for having good fashion taste," Fox said, while shaking her head.

"I take it that you're not here just to make sure I'm wearing the dress you bought me."

"David asked if I could bring you to Goliath. Puck, Alex, and Helena are finishing their work."

"Who's Helena?"

"My elder half sister from my mother's first marriage. But there are times where she acts like a little sister."

"Why does that not surprise me?"

It took Fox and Elisa a few minutes to reach the main bedroom of the castle, also known as the royal bedchamber. Fox knocks the wooden doors a couple times. Elisa figured it was a code to let anyone who was in there that she was with Fox. 2 knocks came from the other side of the door.

"We can go in now," Fox said to Elisa as she turned the door handle. Fox slowly opens the door, either to build up the surprise or to make Elisa even more nervous. It didn't matter either way; Elisa was just praying that Puck and Alex didn't do something screwy with Goliath.

"I told you that my clothes would fit you," Elisa heard David Xanatos say.

"Pretty close," Another voice said. The voice was deep and slight gravelly. This voice had another special feature; it gave Elisa's heart a jump-start. Elisa walks into the room and drops her purse.

Standing in front of the tall mirror was Goliath, now in human form. He looked exactly the same as the night she and the entire New York City population magically became Gargoyles. At that same night, Goliath and his Gargoyle friends became human. However, there were some slight differences from that night to this night.

Goliath wasn't wearing his usual clothing. He was wearing one of Xanatos' charcoal black and grey suits with a black tie that had sliver designs on it. Goliath had his long dark brown hair tied up in ponytail that was almost similar to Xanatos' ponytail. He was also wearing a strange necklace around his neck. The necklace was tiny, gold encased mirror with a gold winged creature over the glass.

Goliath was adjusting his tie when Elisa came into the room. Goliath stopped messing with his tie after catching a glimpse of her in the mirror. He turns around to get a good look at her. Goliath's eyes widen in great surprise and his mouth dropped.

Elisa walks up to Goliath and closes his mouth, which made everyone in the room laugh. Punk, in his Owen Burnett disguise, approaches Elisa and says, "I take that you are happy with our work."

"Well, I'm not complaining," Elisa, said. "You didn't put any funny tricks that going to go off later tonight?"

"Of course not," Owen said. "Besides, I was being watched." Owen's eyes shift towards a woman, who was play with Xanatos and Fox's son, Alex. This woman looked about the same age as Fox. She wore a maroon colored medieval dress, which was covered by violet color cape. She head deep red hair, blue skin, long pointed ears. She was almost the spitting image of her mother, Lady Titania of Avalon. This woman was Helena, Fox's half sister.

"Don't give me that look, Puck," Helena said, without even turning her head to look at him.

"I wasn't," Owen said. Helena turned her head at Owen's direction. One of her eyebrows was raised up. This made Owen flinch slightly, like it was a warning of some kind.

"Any problems I should be aware of?" Elisa asked in the hope it would stop a magic war between Owen and Helena.

"Just one," Owen said. "The necklace that Goliath is wearing at this very moment is what's keeping him human. If it comes off, Goliath will revert back to his old Gargoyle self."

Goliath turns his head and gives Owen a pissed off look.

"Not that there is anything wrong with that," Owen said.

"You didn't tell her the good part," Helena said.

"What good part?" Elisa said confused.

"If the necklace is worn by a human, they would transform into a Gargoyle," Helena said.

"So, if you two decide t--." Owen started to say before Helena sealed his mouth shut.

"I do apologize. Sometimes Puck has a dirty mind," Helena said. Alex starts giggling at Owen's dilemma. Owen gives Helena the evil eyes.

"Goliath, I think we should get going," Elisa said with great urgency in her voice."

"I agree," Goliath said. "If you'll excuse us."

"You better move quickly," Xanatos said.

Elisa and Goliath hotfooted out of the room before Owen, now changed back into Puck, and Helena went into battle. They could here grunts and crashes as they walked back to the main dining hall.

"I'm glad we're out of there," Elisa said.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Goliath asked.

"I'm sure it will end," Elisa said. "If they piss Fox off pretty good."

Whistling reached Elisa and Goliath's ears. They turned around to see Brooklyn and Katana standing behind. Brooklyn was red colored with beak face, white hair, and two horns on his head. He wore an eye patch over his left eye. He wore armor that he had gotten during his TimeDancer Journey in the future. He cared a couple of swords and had a gun mounted on his right shoulder pad.

Katana was Brooklyn's mate. She too had a beak, but is short then Brooklyn's. Her skin was aqua. She had jet-black hair and two horns that bent upwards at the end. She wore a yellow kimono with long sleeves with short furi, which meant that she was married. She had an orange sash around her midsection. Hanging on this sash were her 2 tessens, or war fans, and her wakizashi. A sheathe on Katana's back held her katana sword.

"You look good, Elisa," Brooklyn said.

"Thanks, Brooklyn," Elisa said. "Any of you guys have any plans for tonight?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Brooklyn said. Turns to his mate.

"I'm afraid not," Katana said with her Japanese accent. "Right now I'm concerned about our egg. It's reaching the time for it to be hatched."

"I wondered how Nashville feels about being a big brother," Elisa said.

"He's seem distracted these past couple of days," Brooklyn said.

"About what?" Goliath asked.

"I wish I knew," Brooklyn said as he shrugs his shoulders.

"I've tried to get him to open up, but he is quiet stubborn at times," Katana said.

"Just like his father at his age," Goliath said. Brooklyn rubs his head, like he was trying to remember being Nashville's age. This made Elisa and Katana giggle.

"Maybe, Brooklyn should try to talk to him," Goliath said.

"I'm not sure what to say to him," Brooklyn said.

"I'm sure you'll find the answer to that when the time is right," Goliath said.

An blue skin, Gargoyle beast, with 3 spikes on his back, bat wing ears and 2 horns growing on top of its head run towards the group. The Gargoyle beast known as Bronx, stops dead in his track, while barking his head off.

"What's the matter, Bronx," Elisa asked. Bronx continues to bark. An elder, tan skin Gargoyle named Hudson runs down the hallway.

"Nashville is gone," Hudson said while catching his breath.

"What?" Brooklyn shouted.

"Me, Bronx and Nashville were in the living room watching the TV," Hudson started off speaking. "I turned my back to grab the TV Guide book and the lad was gone."

"I'm going to out to Gargoyle Harlem to look for him," Brooklyn said.

"He couldn't have gone far," Elisa said.

"I help with the search in the castle," Katana said.

"Us too," Goliath said.

"No. You and Elisa go on your date," Brooklyn said. "We can handle this."

"If you say so," Goliath said. "But if you need us, don't hesitate to call."

"Understood," Brooklyn said before speeding off to look for his son out in the city.  Katana joins Hudson and Bronx with the castle search, leaving Elisa and Goliath alone.

The streets of New York City are divided, not just by gangs or crime lords, but also by cultures or ethnics, such as China town and Spanish Harlem. A recently, a new distract was created by those who wish to co-exist with the Gargoyles. It all started by homeless people who took refuge underground in the place called the Labyrinth. What was once a Cyberbiotics facility; a clan of Gargoyles clones and mutates operates the Labyrinth. These homeless people spread the word about the Gargoyles and their protective nature to all the streets, near the Labyrinth; they also take refuge and the movement started there.

The community leaders of these streets declared their homes and businesses safe havens for the Gargoyles and their allies. The streets soon became known as Gargoyle Harlem. It was a place that a Gargoyle could walk around in without the worry of being whacked by a Quarrymen's hammer. Now, a turf war was going on between the people of Gargoyle Harlem and the Quarrymen.

Now, the streets and the air were fill with music and love. The sidewalks were filled with special Valentine's Day food and game booths. Thanks to a slight heat wave, there was good weather for this carnival. Couples from all walks of life, including the Gargoyle couple, Broadway and Angela, were enjoying an assortment of food and fun.

Despite the happiness going on, some people knew that they were on constant watch by the Quarrymen, who waiting for a chance to kill a Gargoyle or anyone that got in their way. But a different observer, a Gargoyle, was watching the scene. The Gargoyle's name was Nashville. He bore a strong resemblance to his father, Brooklyn, with some slight differences. He had the same color skin and hair as his mother, Katana. He was about 20 years of age, the Gargoyle equivalent of a 10 year old. He wore a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and grey colored shorts. He had a red belt around his waist. Hanging on his sash was his kodachi. He also had a small pack, which contained bandages and medicine.

Nashville watched the crowd below, shifting his attention from one human couple to the next. The sight made him feel more and more depressed. This was the day he dreaded ever since he heard about it. He wished he had someone special that he could enjoy a great time down there. But there were no other Gargoyles in Manhattan around his age to do those kinds of things with.

A loud swooshing sound reaches Nashville's pointy ears, causing him to look behind him. Standing behind him was his father, who had an angry look on his face.

"Hi, dad," Nashville said in distant voice.

"Don't 'Hi, dad,' me!" Brooklyn said angrily. "You know better not to go off on your own!"

"Like you didn't go off on your own at my age," Nashville said.

"That does excuse the fact that what you did was wrong," Brooklyn said. "You could have gotten yourself killed."

"Sometimes, I feel like I'm dead already," Nashville said.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Brooklyn said.

"Nothing. You probably wouldn't understand anyway."

"Try me," Brooklyn said as he sits down next to his son.

"Look down at the crowd. What do you see?"

"Even I don't need my good eye to tell that is going on down there." Brooklyn looks at his son with warm look. Nashville stared at his dad with the most serious look that Brooklyn had ever seen. "Oh. I think I see where you're going with this."

"Were you ever in love at my age?"

Brooklyn sits down next to his son and says, "There was one girl that I had a crush on at your age. At that time, she was the most beautiful Gargoyle I've ever seen."

"What did she look like?" Nashville asked.

"She looked a bit like your mother, but her skin was red as a rose. Her long hair was golden. Her wings were like that of Angela's. She was smart as a wipe."

"Dad, are you making this up?" Nashville said. His eyebrow rose up.

"No. She was very really as she was my rookery sister," Brooklyn said. "Every time I slept, I would dream of her."

"Did she know how you felt about her?"

"No. I never got that chance to tell her. She was killed during the massacre."

"I'm sorry."

"Her death was a great blow to me. So much that it made me give my heart out too easily."

"Is that what happened between you and mom?"

"No. First time we met, she tried to kill me."

Nashville starts laughing. Brooklyn starts to chuckle himself.

"Look, Nash, you're getting at the age where you'll be attracted to girls. If you have any problems or questions about it, you can talk to your mother or me. Okay?"


"And think about this. Maybe, with a little bit of luck, we'll have other Gargoyles from around world to join our clan. Some about your age."

"The only way that's going to happen is if they fall from the sky."

"I never thought of that one."

Nashville starts to laugh. Brooklyn follows suit. "We should head back to the castle," Brooklyn said. "You're mother is worried sick about you."

"Can't we stay a little bit longer?" Nashville asked.

"All right, but not too… What the hell?" Brooklyn said. Nashville looks up into the sky. The dark clouds the sky turned in fire red, yellow, and orange. This drew the attention of everyone on the block. The air soon filled with voices says, "Whoa! What is that?"

Ash flacks fall down from the sky like the snow flacks from the storm of 2 weeks ago. Then, the clouds opened up, revealing a large bird head that was consumed by fire. Brooklyn and Nashville recognized it as a phoenix head.

"Dad?" Nashville said.

"Don't do anything, Nash," Brooklyn said.

The phoenix unleashed a very loud crow. The citizens, Human and Gargoyle alike, covered their ears to prevent their eardrums from being shattered and coward in fear. Nashville looks up at the phoenix head and sees 2 very small fireballs emerge out of the phoenix's mouth. Once the fireballs were out of the mouth, the phoenix head disappeared.

Nashville looks at the 2 fireballs as they fell in opposite directions, trying to determine what they were. They weren't any meteors. The fireball falling to his left had the shape of a large dog. The other fireball, which was falling to his right, had a human shape with 2 major differences. Nashville could make out a pair of wings and a tail.

The 2 fireballs hit the ground, leaving behind a couple of large holes in the road and large tails of smoke. People start gather around the 2 holes, hoping to see what was inside the holes. Nashville puts his attention to the hole to his right. Brooklyn also looks at the same hole.

Then, as quick as lightning strikes the ground, a young Gargoyle dashes out of the hole, knocking down a couple of people onto the ground.

"What was that?" Brooklyn said. Nashville takes off into the air to follow the unknown Gargoyle. "Nash, wait!" Brooklyn yelled out.

Before Brooklyn could go after him, screams and gasps reached his ears. He turns his attention to second hole in the road. A large rose red Gargoyle beast emerged from the hole in the road and slowly approaches the crowd of people. Brooklyn glides down onto the street, placing himself between the crowd and the unknown Gargoyle beast.

"Everyone, get back," Brooklyn yelled. The crowd did as they were told. The Gargoyle beast continues its approach towards Brooklyn. For a brief moment, Brooklyn thought about drawing out one of swords. But he didn't want to hurt this Gargoyle beast for he didn't know what how hurt it was. There was another reason as to why he didn't want to draw his weapons. There was something familiar about this beast, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Brooklyn!" a young feminine voice shouted behind him. Broadway, a green skin, bald, slightly overweight, bat-ear Gargoyle, and Angela, a lavender skin, long brown hair, female Gargoyle, emerge from the crowd. The Gargoyle beast stops dead in its tracks and sniffs that air.

The Gargoyle beast goes off into a sprint. She passes Brooklyn and tackles Broadway into the ground. She starts licking Broadway in the face as if they had known each other. Brooklyn and Angela pull the Gargoyle beast off of Broadway.

"A friend of yours?" Angela asked. Broadway looks at the beast for a moment. Then, it hits her.

"I don't believe it," Broadway said as he gets back up on his feet. "She's all right. She a member of our clan."

"What?" Brooklyn and Angela said at the same time. Then, Brooklyn looks at the beast's face. It dawns on him on what Broadway was talking about.

"I don't believe. Come here, girl," Brooklyn asked. The female Gargoyle beast tackled Brooklyn and starts licking his face. "All right. All right. I'm glad to see you too.

"How come I never told about her before?" Angela asked.

"She was a member of our splinter group at Wyvern over a 1000 years ago," Broadway said. "I didn't know that she survived."

"She wasn't the only one," Brooklyn said. "I saw other survivors of our old clan during my time traveling journey."

"But how did she get here?" Broadway asked.

"I don't know," Brooklyn said. "But she wasn't alone. Nashville took off after our friend's companion."

"To the park?" Angela asked.

"There are Quarrymen all round in there," Broadway said.

"I know. We need to find them and fast," Brooklyn said.

Angela kneels down to meet the Gargoyle beast's eyes. "Could you lead us to your friend?" Angela asked in a sweet voice. The beast barks and runs off.

"Let's go," Brooklyn said. Brooklyn, Angela, and Broadway get down on all fours and follow the Gargoyle beast towards the park.

Nashville continues his pursuit of the unknown Gargoyle. The movements of this new Gargoyle was very frantic, as if he or she was scared out of his or her mind. This didn't surprise Nashville. He would be frantic too if he had spat out of phoenix's mouth into an unknown time and place. Nashville drives down, as he was about reach the tree line of the park, hoping to continue his chase. However, Nashville lost sight of the unknown Gargoyle, which was bad news.

The young Gargoyle girl continues to run for her life. She looks at one direction to the other, wondering what path to take next. However, the area was unknown to her. Everything in the area was a mystery to her. She wanted to stop, but she wasn't sure what would happen if she did.

Then, from out of nowhere, a sharp pain hits the Gargoyle girl's leg. The pains cause her to fall face first into the ground. She slowly gets up from the ground. Another sharp pain hits her arm, causing her fall again. Several footsteps approach her. She looks up and sees a couple of people, masked in hoods. They wore night blue clothing that had a yellow "Q" with a hammer in the middle and holding large hammers in their hands. These were members of the Quarryman One of the hood people, who had the shape of a female, held a pistol in her hand with a silencer on it.

"You picked a bad night to come out, you monster," the gun wielding Quarryman said.

"I've never seen this one before. What should we do with her?" the second Quarryman, a male, said.

"There is only one thing we can do," the third Quarryman, also male, said. The third Quarryman charges up the electricity on his hammer and raise it up to bash the Gargoyle girl's skull in.

As the Quarryman swings down, Nashville runs in and tackles the third Quarryman down onto the ground. He head butts the third Quarryman out cold. The gun wielding Quarryman points her gun at Nashville, but the Nashville whacks the gun out of her hand with his tail. He then kicks the female Quarryman into the tree, knocking her out. The second Quarryman swings his hammer at Nashville. Nashville dodges the attack and draws his kodachi.

The second Quarryman continues to swing his hammer at Nashville, hoping to land a blow on him. Nashville blocks some of the hammer swings by deflecting the handle of the hammer with the blade of his kodachi. However, that wasn't going to last. The next time Quarryman swung his hammer, Nashville moved his close to his enemy and kicked his between he legs. The pain of the attack causes his to drop to his knees and drop his hammer. This provided Nashville enough time to deliver a knock out punch into the Quarryman's masked face.

Nashville breathes heavily for a couple of moments and puts kodachi back into its sheath. He turns his attention to the Gargoyle girl. She had backed herself into the tree nearest to her. Her hands were holding both of her grazed bullet wounds. Her face was twisted in fear and pain. Nashville runs over to her, which freaks her out. She tries to move, but the pain from her wounds increase the more she moved.

"Don't move," Nashville said. "It will only make things worse." Nashville pulls out a couple of bandages from his pack and puts them on Gargoyle girl's wounds.

"Thank you," the young Gargoyle said.

"That's will hold you for now," Nashville said. "Can you stand?"

"I don't think so," the young Gargoyle said.

"Okay then," Nashville said. He takes the young Gargoyle girl into his arms and runs with her before any of the Quarryman wake up from their nap.

Brooklyn, Angela, and Broadway continue to follow the female Gargoyle beast through the path that the young Gargoyle girl took. As they followed, Brooklyn filled Angela and Broadway on his adventure with the surviving Wyvern clan members that were led by Demona. The beast stops dead in her tracks. Brooklyn and the other also stop. They see the 3 Quarrymen still knocked out on the ground. The beast approaches a tree that had some bloodstains on it. She starts weeping after sniffing the blood. Angela joins the Gargoyle beast's side and pats her head.

"It's going be okay, girl," Angela said, softly.

All the Gargoyles hear a faint moaning shout coming from the female Quarryman. Brooklyn approaches her and grabs her collar. His good eye starts glowing bright white.

"There were two Gargoyles here not too long ago," Brooklyn said. "Where did they go?"

"How should I know?" The female Quarryman said. "I was knocked out by one of them."

"Which one?" Angela asked.

"The one that looks him," The female Quarryman said, pointing at Brooklyn. "Except he was younger and had two eyes."

"And the other one?" Brooklyn asked.

"She was bleeding the last I checked," the female Quarryman said with great satisfaction in her voice.

"Where?" Brooklyn growled.

"Unfortunately, in her right arm and leg," the female Quarryman said. "My comrades were about to finish her off when that brat showed up and with his small sword."

"Thanks for your help," Brooklyn said before he head butts the female Quarryman unconscious. Brooklyn turns his attention to his comrades.

"You think Nashville and the Gargoyle girl are still in the park?" Broadway asked.

"They couldn't have gone far," Brooklyn said.

"Maybe, Nash is taking that girl to one of the clinic back in G Harlem," Angela said.

"We'll split up," Brooklyn said. "You and Broadway head back to G Harlem. Me and our friend here will continue to follow her companion's or Nashville's scent."

Angela and Broadway make their way back to Gargoyle Harlem. The Gargoyle beast sniffs the blood on the tree bark. She takes off in the same direction that Nashville and the young Gargoyle girl took. Brooklyn follows her.

Meanwhile, Nashville and the young Gargoyle girl made stop underneath one of the park's bridges. Nashville applied medication on the young girl's wounds and replaces her bandage.

"There, that should do it until we get you to Holmes' clinic at G Harlem," Nashville said.

"Thank you," the young Gargoyle girl said.

"This probably wasn't the big entrance you would expect on your arrival in New York," Nashville said.

"New York?" the young Gargoyle girl said.

"Let me guess. You're not from this time," Nashville said.

"How did you know?" the young Gargoyle girl asked.

"Let's just say me and my parents went through a similar experience."

"Parents?" the young Gargoyle asked, confused by Nashville's answers.

"It's a long story. And now might not be a good time or place to tell it."

"Who were those people?"

"They're called Quarrymen. They are the modern day Gargoyle hunters."

"There are Gargoyle hunters to this day?"

"I'm afraid so. Let's change the subject. What's your name?"

"I don't have a name."

"What? Every Gargoyle I know has a name. Even I have a name."

"That's strange. Why would you limit yourself by having a name?"

"Whoa. Calm down. It's not like that. It just that now a days things need names."

"Do the trees need a name? Those this bridge?"

"The humans call this 'True Love' bridge."

The young Gargoyle girl looks at Nashville for a moment, wondering what she should do next.

"No on the name, huh?" Nashville said. "That's fine. Just think about it for a while. We better get moving." Nashville takes the girl into his arms and makes a run towards Gargoyle Harlem.

"By the way, I never told me your name," the Gargoyle girl said.

"My name is Nashville," Nashville said.

"Nashville? That's a weird name," the girl said.

"You haven't seen weird yet." Nashville chuckled.

Angela and Broadway patrolled the streets, hope to spot Nashville or his new found friend. Police from the 23rd Precinct had arrived at the scene where Rosy and True crashed. Detective Matt Bluestone, a tall man with short red hair, wearing a brown suit and rain coat, and Elisa's partner, was on scene. Angela and Broadway approach Detective Bluestone.

Matt turns around and says, "I take it that you guys have something to do with this?"

"Not exactly," Broadway said. "It's kind of hard to explain."

"Aside from the fact that a large fire bird spat out two fireballs into the street," Matt said, summarizing all the facts he and his men took from the witness. "Then, two Gargoyles come out of the holes. Then, you two and Brooklyn show afterwards. Does that sound just about right?"

"Except for the fact that Nashville took off to find the Gargoyle that took off and he may be in danger from the Quarrymen," Angela said.

"Oh. Sorry," Matt said. "Do you know where he and the unknown Gargoyle are?"

"We think that they may be heading back here," Angela said. "The unknown Gargoyle was injured by a couple of Quarrymen in the woods. Right now, those Quarrymen are out cold."

"I'll get a couple of my guys to go arrest them," Matt said. "And keep an eye out for Nash. Here."

Matt throws a walkie-talkie to Broadway.

"Contact me if you need back up," Matt said. "Or if we need you."

"Will do," Broadway said. Matt turns his attention back to crime scene. Broadway turns to Angela.

"Not exactly the big night we planned, huh?" Broadway said.

"When is it ever?" Angela asked.

"Good point," Broadway said.

Nashville and the female Gargoyle arrive in Gargoyle Harlem. Nashville, still carrying the girl in his arms, sneaks through the allies, hoping not to be noticed by any Quarrymen that might have entered G Harlem unnoticed. They reached the Holmes' clinic, which was run by Doctor Lisa Holmes. This clinic treat both human and Gargoyle alike. Nashville uses his tail to knock on the door.

Doctor Lisa Holmes, a woman in her early 30s, brown hair, wearing a magenta colored robe, opens the door. She gasps at sight of Nashville and his newfound companion.

"Nash, what happened?" Doctor Lisa Holmes asked in voice was groggy.

"Quarrymen," Nashville said. "Can you help her?"

"Bring her in," Dr. Holmes said. Nashville did as his was told and brought the Gargoyle girl into the clinic. Dr. Holmes looked up and down the street for any sign of the Quarrymen. With the coast clear, Dr. Holmes went inside.

It took Dr. Holmes a few moments and 2 cups of coffee to stitch and bandage the girl's wounds. She also gave the female Gargoyle a transfusion, using a pint of blood from Broadway. Nashville stayed by the girl's side as Dr. Holmes continues her medical examination.

"How is she doing?" Nashville asked.

"She going to be fine," Dr. Holmes said. "I recommend that she stays bed for a while before you take her to the castle. Please, this will give me a great chance to pull some food in her belly. She's so skinny that she could hide well behind a lamp post."

Nashville started to giggle, while the Gargoyle girl looked puzzled. Then, they hear soft footsteps come down the stairs of the clinic. A little girl of 7, Amy Holmes, comes into the room.

"Amy, what are you doing up?" Dr. Holmes said.

"I can't sleep with the sirens going on," Amy Holmes said, her voice sound groggy. Dr. Holmes embraces her daughter for a couple of moments.

"Would you like something to eat?" Dr. Holmes asked in her motherly voice.

"Yeah," Amy said, as she rubs her eyes.

"Okay. Wait here with Nash and his friend while I fix up some soup," Dr. Holmes said as she puts Amy in her seat. Dr. Holmes heads upstairs. Amy turns her attention to Nashville and the Gargoyle girl, who seemed to be avoiding eye contact with each other.

"Are you two lovers?" Amy asked out of the blue. The Gargoyle girl and Nashville turned red in the face. A big smile appeared across Amy's face.

Back in the park, the Gargoyle beast and Brooklyn continued to follow the trail that Nashville and the female Gargoyle took. They stop at "True Love" bridge. They found a couple of old, bloody bandages on the ground, near the water. Brooklyn looks at the bandages for a few moments. The Gargoyle beast starts whimpering again. Brooklyn pats her head.

"We'll find them, girl," Brooklyn said.

Then, they hear footsteps approaching the bridge. Brooklyn and the Gargoyle beast hide under the bridge. Brooklyn looks through the gaps in the bridge to see who it was. The people approaching the bridge were Quarrymen, 2 men and 2 women. One of the male Quarrymen was on his walkie-talkie, hoping to hear reports from the other Quarrymen patrol groups.

"Why the hell isn't group 2 here yet?" the first male Quarryman asked.

"How should I know?" the first female Quarryman said. "It wasn't my turn to watch them."

"Maybe one of those monsters got to them," the second female Quarrymen said. The second male Quarryman puts his walkie-talkie away and turns his attention to the others. "Group 2 just got picked up by the police," the second male Quarrymen said.

"What?" the first female Quarryman asked, in shock.

"Which Precinct?" the first male Quarryman asked, angrily.

"It doesn't matter," the second male Quarryman said. "I've got good news. One of groups in Gargoyle Harlem spotted 2 young Gargoyles entering that clinic we had our eye on."

"We're going to hit it?" the second female Quarryman asked.

"We're to meet with them right now," the second male Quarryman said.

"Then, let's move," the first male Quarryman said. The group of Quarrymen runs off towards their target destination.

Brooklyn and the Gargoyle beast come out from under the bridge. Brooklyn turns his attention to the beast and says, "I don't know about you, but I have no intention on letting them reach that clinic."

The Gargoyle beast barks and her eyes turn bright red.

"That's what I thought," Brooklyn said. Brooklyn draws one of his swords. His good eye turns bright white. They break off into a run to catch up to the group of Quarrymen that just left.

Back in Holmes' clinic, Dr. Holmes was tucking her daughter in one of clinic beds. She puts Amy's favorite teddy bear into Amy's arms. With one kiss on the cheek, Dr. Holmes bids Amy good night.

Several beds away, Nashville and the Gargoyle girl were quietly chatting up a storm. The main topic of their conversation was their pasts. Nashville listen very carefully as the girl recalled all the events that happened in her life. Some of the stuff her told made Nashville's jaw drop.

Once she was done, the girl gave Nashville her time to listen to his story. Nashville explained how he knew who his parents were and the adventures he has been on before and after arriving in New York. He told her about other Gargoyles clans from different parts of the world.

"There are other Gargoyles clans all over the world?" the Gargoyle girl asked. Her face showed a great deal of shock.

"Of course. My mother was a member of the Ishimura clan in Japan until she met my dad," Nashville said.

"What about in Scotland?" the girl asked. "Were there any Gargoyles still around there?"

"As far as I know, there aren't anymore Gargoyles from Scotland," Nashville said, even though he didn't want to. True looks down at the sheets of her bed. Nashville's mind scrambled to figure out something to get True out of her blues.

"So, how did you end up here?" Nashville asked
The girl looks up at Nashville and says, "We were under attack by Hunters. Our cell leader took our Gargoyle beast and me over to the cliff near our cave. He gave a flute that could transport us to any place or time as long as you say the name of a certain person."

"Who's name did you say?" Nashville asked.

"Brooklyn's," the girl said. Nashville starts chuckling as quietly as he could. "What's so funny?"

"Brooklyn is my father," Nashville said.



The Gargoyle girl starts chuckling too. Then, Nashville's and the girl's hands touched each other. They looked at their joined hands for a few seconds. They look up and stared into each other's eyes. Then, she sudden pulls her hand back and turns her head towards the windows of the clinic. This got the attention of Nashville and Dr. Holmes.

"What is it?" Dr. Holmes said.

"There a group of people out there," the Gargoyle girl said. "At least 9 all together."

"How can you be sure?" Nashville said.

"When you're being hunted down, I develop up a strong state of awareness," the girl said.

"What should we do?" Dr. Holmes said.

"Slow get Amy out of bed," Nashville said.

Dr. Holmes does as she was told. Amy woke up from being picked up.

"Mommy? What's going on?" Amy said her voice was very groggy.

"Keep quiet, sweetheart," Dr. Holmes said quietly.

The lights in the clinic go off all of a sudden. Clinging to her daughter for dear life, Dr. Holmes drops to the floor. Nashville helps the Gargoyle girl out of bed. The 2 Gargoyles join Dr. Holmes and her daughter.

"Dr. Holmes, we know you're harboring 2 Gargoyles in your clinic," a deep man's voice, coming from outside of the clinic, said. "Surrender them to us or we'll take them out of their by force. You have 5 minutes to decide."

"Mommy, don't," Amy, said.

"Don't worry. It's going to be okay," Dr. Holmes said.

Nashville pulled out his kodachi and hands it to the Gargoyle girl. "Take it," Nashville said. "There's no telling what they'll do this place or them if burst in here."

"Are you crazy?" the girl shouted in a low voice. "They'll kill you."

"I'm with her on this one," Dr. Holmes said.

"Don't go, Nash, Amy cried.

"I'll be all right," Nashville said with a smile. "I've got a feeling that reinforcements will be arriving shortly."

Nashville gets up to his feet and makes his way to the door. "Nashville!" the Gargoyle girl called. Nashville turns around to look at her, who had tears in her eyes. "Come back, okay?" the girl said.

"Don't worry. Everything won't happen like they did in your time," Nashville said. "I'm coming out!"

Nashville opens the door and steps out of the clinic. Nashville looked around the area. There were about 9 Quarrymen, 6 men and 3 women, to Nashville's front and sides. 2 Quarrymen had pistols in their hands with silencers on them. The rest had their hammers, all charged up for the battle ahead.

"You got a lot of guts coming out alone, monster," A male Quarryman, whose voice was different from the one who spoke early.

"I came out as you requested. Let the others," Nashville said.

"Where is the other Gargoyle that came with you?" a third male Quarryman asked.

"She left," Nashville said.

"I don't believe him," one of the female Quarryman said. The 2 gun wielding Quarrymen point their pistols at Nashville. Nashville doesn't flinch an inch.

"Send out the other Gargoyle or this one dies," One of the gun-wielding Quarrymen shouted.

"You and I both know that tactic won't work," Nashville said. "You're just going to kill me anyway."

"You're right about that," the 1st gun-wielding Quarrymen said. As he squeezes the trigger on his pistol, a large rose-colored Gargoyle beast dropped down from the sky and landed right on top the Quarryman. The second gun-wielding Quarryman turns his pistol away from Nashville, aiming it directly at the beast that was charging at him. Before the Quarryman could fire his weapon, a laser blast flies behind him, causing a small explosion. This distracted the Quarryman long enough for the beast to take him down.

The 7 remaining Quarrymen rushed in with their hammers at the ready. Brooklyn swoops down and kicks one of the Quarrymen down. Brooklyn draws his swords. He throws one of them to Nashville. Nashville jumps over to his father's side, covering his left side.

"What took you so long?" Nashville asked. "I left plenty of bread crumbs."

"You know your old man. I like to make an entrance," Brooklyn said.

Nashville, Brooklyn, and Rosy fought off the Quarrymen, using any means to not get whacked by the their hammers.

The Gargoyle girl looks out the window at the fight going on. Nashville's kodachi was held tightly in her hand. As she watched the fight, her memories of what happened to her cell just a few hours ago came rolling back to her. She soon felt the same fear of losing her comrades started over taking her. She was shaking slight.

She wanted to do something to help them. But she wasn't sure what to do. Or did she know, but her fear was too great that it made her forget. Then, she remembered all things that Nashville had told. She remembered the joy they made her feel. How he made her feel. They slowly removed True's fear. They filled her with courage and determine that she hadn't since the day before the massacre at Castle Wyvern.

Brooklyn, Nashville, and the Gargoyle beast continue to battle the Quarrymen. The 2 gun-wielding Quarrymen get back up and picked up their weapons. They aim their guns at Brooklyn and Nashville. Then, the Gargoyle girl came up behind them and bashed the Quarrymen's heads into one another.

One of the 3 female Quarrymen comes up behind Nashville with her hammer raised high above her head. The girl jumps in-between Nashville and the first female Quarrymen. She blocks the hammer's strike with the blade of Nashville's kodachi. Nashville knocks out the Quarryman he was fighting. He turns around, jumps over True, and punches the first female Quarrymen square in the face. The Gargoyle girl and Nashville have their backs against each other's.

"I thought I told you to protect the Dr. Holmes and Amy," Nashville said.

"I am. I'm just not doing it there," The Gargoyle girl said.

The Gargoyle girl and Nashville fend off the Quarryman, who still determined to continue the fight despite being beat up. The Quarrymen seem mighty determined to kill the Gargoyles. Once they were beat down, they came back up as if they were zombies from today's modern day horror movies.

Then, from out of nowhere, Broadway and Angela swooped down on the scene and tackled a couple of Quarrymen out cold. Broadway and Angela join the other Gargoyles.

"You started the party without us," Angela said, her eyes looked at Brooklyn's direction.

"Don't look at me. It was her," Brooklyn said, pointing at the Gargoyle beast.

One of the Quarrymen starts laughing his hooded head off. "You think a couple more of you monster will make a difference?" the Quarryman said.

"We thought about on our way here," Broadway said. "So, we invited a few friends."

Several police cars arrived on the scene. Police officers came out of their cars as quick as a flash. The officers' pistols and shotgun rifles were pointed at the Quarrymen that were still standing.

"Drop your weapons!" Matt shouted. "Drop them now or we will use force!"

The Quarrymen did as they were told, dropping their hammers onto the ground. The police moved in and arrested the Quarrymen, including the ones that were on the ground. Matt approaches the Gargoyles. Broadway throws back the walkie-talkie that Matt gave his earlier.

"Thanks, Matt. That was good timing," Broadway said.

"I should be thanking you," Matt said. "We've been after these guys for weeks. However, our intel says there at least 4 more Quarrymen in this group."

"Yeah, me and our new friend here left them at the park, just near 'True Love' bridge," Brooklyn said, patting the beast's head.

"I get some of my guys to bring them in," Matt said. Matt looks down at the Gargoyle girl and Nashville, who were holding hands. Matt looks at Brooklyn and says, "Didn't say that Nash had a girlfriend."

"What?" Brooklyn yelled. He looks Nashville and the girl, who avoiding each other's gazes and hand their hands separated. Matt chuckles to himself and walks off. Brooklyn continues to look at Nashville and the Gargoyle girl for a few moments, wondering which one was going to crack.

"It's not what you think," the girl said.
"Don't say anything," Brooklyn said. These words cause the Gargoyle girl to bow her head. A smile appeared on Brooklyn's face. He places his hand on her shoulder and said, "I think Nashville is lucky to have someone like you, small one."

The Gargoyle girl blushes.

"Welcome to the clan," Brooklyn said. "Allow me to introduce Broadway and Angela."

"Hello," Angela said.

"Come here and give me a hug," Broadway said. The Gargoyle girl wraps her arms around Broadway and gives him a great big bear hug. Tears soon rolled down her face. Nashville looks at his dad with a confused look on his face.

"Broadway watch over her when she was very little," Brooklyn said. "He became the big brother she may never know."

"Maybe Broadway can give me some pointers in the near future," Nashville said.

"You'll do just fine," Angela said. Broadway and the girl broke their hug.

"Let's go home," Broadway said.

Broadway, Brooklyn, Angela, and the beast start climbing up the building to get enough high for flight. The Gargoyle girl hands Nashville his kodachi. Her eyes and Nashville's met.

"Will you need help?" Nashville asked.

"I think I can manage," she said. "But I might need help later on."

"Don't worry," Nashville said. "I'm here for you. Always."

The girl smiles, turns her attention to the wall and starts climbing. Nashville follows suit.

Back at Castle Wyvern, on the walls of the castle's highest tower, Katana, Hudson, Lexington, Bronx, Fu-Dog, Coldstone, and Coldfire looked at what was left of the night sky for any sign of Nashville and the others. Fu-Dog, a lime green Chinese Gargoyle Beast, whimpers. Katana pats his head.

"Don't worry, boy," Katana said, trying to remain as calm as possible. "We didn't do 40 years of time travel just to lose them now."

"If I know Brooklyn, he and Nashville will be all right," Lexington, a yellow Gargoyle with wings like a flying squirrel, said.

"Thank you, Lexington," Katana said.

"Any word?" a young woman's voice said. The Gargoyles turn as Elisa came out the doorway that led to the insides of the castle.

"Elisa. Where is Goliath?" Coldstone, who was grey skin Gargoyle and had machinery to make up almost 70% of his body, asked.

"He's change in clothes," Elisa said. "He promised Xanatos not to ripe the suit he borrowed."

"Then, your date went well," Coldfire, a gold machine Gargoyle, whose form was the exact shape of her old body when she was alive, said.

"We had a lovely dinner. Caught a late night movie. We danced." Elisa said. "Then, we made our way to my place for a bit."

"What did you two do then?" Lexington said.

"I don't kiss and tell," Elisa said.

"It's probably best that he doesn't know," Goliath said as he came up behind Elisa. He had just returned to his Gargoyle form. His skin was lavender, the same as his daughter, Angela. On both sides of his forehead were 2 small horns. He wore his usual brown colored clit.

Goliath places his hand on Elisa's shoulder. Elisa looks up into her lover's eyes. Hudson sighs and says, "Ah, to be young." These words made everyone, except for Goliath and Elisa, laugh. Elisa and Goliath's faces turned slightly red.

Fu-Dog and Bronx start barking. This killed the laughing and caused everyone to look up at the sky. Three Gargoyles were flying towards their direction. One of them seemed to be carrying something.

As the three Gargoyles drew closer and closer, the others could make out whom they were. It was Brooklyn, Angela, and Broadway. Broadway was carrying the rose colored beast in his arms. The 4 Gargoyles land on top some of the battlements. Broadway releases the beast, which tackles Lexington onto the stone floor. She starts licking him.

"Okay, okay," Lexington, said, while laughing from being tickled by beast's kisses. "Down, girl! Down!"

The Gargoyle beast gets off of Lexington and visits Goliath. Goliath pats her on the head.

"A friend of yours?" Elisa said.

"This is creature is a member of our old clan," Goliath said.

"How did she get here?" Hudson said, stroking his white beard.

"More importantly, where is Nashville?" Katana asked Brooklyn.

"Here he comes now," Brooklyn said. "And with a friend."

Katana looks up at sky and sees 2 more Gargoyles coming towards the castle. A smile appeared on her face when she could tell that it was her son. However, Goliath, Hudson, Lexington, Coldstone, and Coldfire had shocked face. Nashville and the Gargoyle girl landed on the battlements and joined the rest of the clan. Nashville helps her down off the battlement, in the same manner as a man helps his date out of the car.

"Hello, everyone," the Gargoyle girl said.

"Lass, is it really you?" Hudson said.

"I'm not a ghost, Hudson," she said.

"You know ours names?" Goliath asked.

"Nashville told me," she said. Just then, Bronx tackles her and licks her face. "I missed you too, Bronx." Bronx stops his licking as soon as True starts petting his head.

"How did you end up here?" Lexington said.

"It's quite a long story," the girl said. "And after the night I just had, I could use a stone nap."

"Before that, we need to think about a name for you two," Goliath said. "To help you get use to your new lives."

"Is that really necessary, Goliath," True said.

"It would be a lot better then being called "her" all the time," Nashville said.

The girl didn't say anything. Hudson puts his hand on her shoulder and says, "It's all right, lass. Even I had a hard time with the idea. But it's not as bad as you think."

"It still feels slightly wrong. It's against everything in our culture," the girl said.

"Change is scary at times, but it necessary at times," Goliath said. "I learned that a long time ago. When I learned that Angela was my daughter, I feared that by giving her special treatment I would show her an undue favor. With help from a human parent, I learned that could be the father she wanted, as I was the only parent she ever knew and she was the only one of my children with me. I never regretted that decision to this day."

The Gargoyle girl allowed Goliath's words to sink in. These words brought back all the stories that Nashville had told her about his life. He had grown up outside of a normal Gargoyle upbringing. And yet, that didn't make him less of a Gargoyle. Tonight's actions proved that.

"In that case, I would liked to be called True," the Gargoyle said.

"True?" Nashville asked. "Seems odd for a name." Brooklyn whacks Nashville upside the head.

"It's a fine name, lass," Hudson said. "It suits you well."

"Thank you," True said.

True turns her attention towards Nashville, who was trying to avoid her eyes in fear of embracement. Katana looks at her son and says, "Nashville, is she your future bride?"

These words made everyone look at Katana. "Did I say something wrong?" Katana asked.

Nashville and True look at each for a brief moment. Nashville smacks his head with his hand and then shakes his head. True went red in the face.

"Honey, let's not play any wedding bells for those two just yet," Brooklyn said. "After all, they just met."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean--." Katana said.

"It's fine," True said. "Don't worry about it."

"So, what should we call her," Broadway asked, point at the rose colored Gargoyle beast that was getting acquainted with Fu-Dog.

"I got a good name. How about we call her Madison," Nashville said. The rose-colored beast barks.

"I think she likes it," Brooklyn said.

"Ah, guys, it's just about dawn," Elisa said.

The Gargoyles look up. The sun was slowly making its way up.

"Let's get some rest," Goliath said.

"We'll be on guard," Coldstone said. Coldstone and Coldfire take to the skies in order to protect their clansmen the Quarrymen that hunt during the day.

Goliath turns to Elisa and says, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

"I can't wait," Elisa says before giving Goliath good night kiss. Elisa makes her way inside the castle to head home. Goliath climbs up the rest of the tower to get to his bed.

The other Gargoyles took their positions on the battlements. Madison took the battlement next to Fu-Dog. Nashville walks over to his battlement, which was right next to his mother and father. True turns Nashville towards her and says, "Thanks for being there for me."

True places her hands on Nashville's face and Nashville a kiss on the lips. Katana and Brooklyn's mouths dropped. Once she was done, True takes the battlement next to Nashville's. Nashville, still shocked by the kiss, stumbled his way onto his battlement.

The sun slowly makes its way over the city's tall buildings. True and Nashville looked in each other's eyes once more. As the sun continues to creep up, True and Nashville's tails slowly make their way towards each other. Their tails coiled around one another as the sun passes the buildings. All the Gargoyles turn to stone to sleeping the entire day away. True and Nashville's tails remained coiled around one another.

The End
Here is my first Gargoyle story. Please enjoy.

All the characters in the story, with the exception of Dr. Holmes, Amy Holmes, Madison, and Helena, belong to Disney's Gargoyles.

Here is a link to the cover art of this story: [link]
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honk233arrrgh Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Okay, I finally had the time to read it, but not completely.
So here are my first thoughts:

I like the fact that you used the character of "True". Also I love this description of the hunters:
"These humans were Hunters, skilled in the so-called art of slaying Gargoyles."
It sounds realistic and inspiring.

Now to something different.
Your grammar could use a lot of work, you are constantly switching the time forms. It is confusing and seems unprofessional. English is not my first language and I'm unsure about grammar and spelling sometimes, but this bothered me anyway. Not the biggest problem, though.
The story itself is a nice idea, but there's no explanation for the happenings in the beginning. Or is there one, maybe in an older fic or somewhere in the text (as I said I wasn't able to read it all so far)? If yes, then sorry.
"The Gargoyles beast turns around and growls at the direction they came from, her once white eyes glowed red"
Does this mean she usally has white eyes? This was an error with Boudicca. All female Gargbeasts have red eyes, no matter if they are angry or not. But - Can't really blame you for it because of the Boudicca error.

Now that I read a bit more I've seen that True calls herself by that name. That's completely wrong, sorry. "True" is just a script name. No Gargoyle ever used it. In that universe, "True" doesn't even know that she's called "True". Same with the beast. It's extremely unlikely that she would have had a name back then, especially not a name like "Rosy".

I'm pretty sure I'd find more mistakes like these if I continued to read.

I'm sorry, I don't want to discourage you, this is just my opinion as a very canon-bound fan.
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your long comment.

I'm sorry if you got confused during my story. I just wanted to give the reader the current whereabouts of the character who were related to what was happening to True and Nashville. Again, I'm sorry for confusing you.

As for the beginning of the story, there is no older fiction. As for beginning scene in the story, I wanted that scene to be a possible aftermath what happened after the battle between Constantine III and Kenneth III, in the comic issue, Phoenix. I figured that some of Constantine's men would be hunting the Gargoyles that have allied with Kenneth III during the battle. As for beginning part in New York, I tried my best to explain what some of the background stuff at the beginning of the story.

And you were right about me using Boudicca error to describe changing in Rosy's eyes.

I read True's wiki page on Gargoyle Wikipedia. So, I know that "True" isn't called "True" in the comics. But I liked that name so much that I decided to use it. It seemed to me that, after reading True's wiki page, that the name fit her to a T. As for Rosy name, I just used that name because of the color of her skin. I know that I shouldn't have named her because the other gargoyles didn't have names, but I gave her a name anyway.

You'll probably find more mistakes, but it will probably sentence structure mistakes.
honk233arrrgh Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Thanks for taking it that relaxed ^^

Yes, I see the scene in the timeline... it's just that the magic flute seems so random. There's no explanation for its existence or something. If it is that powerful it would be almost on the niveau of the Phoenix Gate itself! And this couldn't just happen without a backstory. I think not even in the Grimorum there's such a powerful spell.

I don't have a problem with the name "True"... I like it too, to be honest. But just giving it to the girl without explanation bothers me. You can use it, but you should at least have explaned where the name comes from, why it was given to her etc.... that would also have added depth to the story.
And now that I think about it "Rosy" may not be the worst name, it's actually quite fitting... although I would have used more like a pseudo-name... "Red One" or "Red Girl" or something like that - seems more gargoyle-ish.
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess the flute was a random idea.

I did try to give a reason why True choose her name. But I guess I didn't do a good job of it. If you look at the scene where Nashville is changing True's bandages, they're under a bridge which I call "True Love" bridge. I figured True would liked the sound of that word and used it as her name. I was trying to make it seem similar to how Hudson got his name.
honk233arrrgh Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
So why not explain it a bit more? You missed a great oppurtunity here.

Hmmm, I see. Still, it's not totally clear. Hudson was not very quick to take a name at first. People should really stop thinking like humans when writing Gargoyles fanfic. Gargoyles don't feel the urge to use names, especially not these from a culture that usally uses none, and "True" is definitely of old school (though she is much younger than Hudson and probably more flexible).

The problem is, you could, and should have explained these things IN the fanfic, not after it...
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know what's great about this is that I can always edit it.
honk233arrrgh Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Well, this is up to you. I'm not telling anyone what to do, just trying to help^^ Although I'm a GargCanon nazi and therefore really touchy and perfectionist.
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I understand and I thank you for your comments.
honk233arrrgh Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
oh, cool. I'll definitely read this later when I have time.
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. I hope you like it.
RollaD6 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a bit difficult to read a big block of text like that. Try breaking it up in places. Because I'm sure you've got something good here, but I'm having difficult reading it, lol. So that's my critique ^^
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay. I'll get on it.
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I broke it up by paragraph. I hope you can read it better. (fingers crossed)
cutiekitten56 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nicely done, I enjoyed it :)
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you.
Irish-Phantom Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
:clap: great story! LOVED IT!
JAM4077 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you.
Irish-Phantom Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
yw :-)
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